"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry its been so long since I've posted. Lots going on around here and it's been hard to find time to post :-) I still plan on posting pictures of our trip to Ethiopia very soon. In the meantime, we've had several milestones in the last few weeks. The girls were home for one month on January 2nd and we've made great strides the last four weeks. Don't get me wrong, we still have many challenges but Praise the Lord, things are so much better now than they were when we first arrived :-) There were some days when I think I cried as much or more than the girls did but we are getting better and getting through it.

They had their first doctors appointment for a checkup on 12/22 and that was pretty disastrous - apparently whatever experience they've had in the past with Hakims (doctors) was not good. They were completely freaked out before we even got into the lobby. Because they were so hysterical, we kept it simple and postponed the dreaded shots until yesterday. I'm proud to tell you though that yesterday they did awesome! We were there over 2 hours doing an exam, drawing blood and getting shots (3 each!) and aside from at the end where Hannah got her shots, they were verycooperative and pleasant with no crying. Aby didn't cry at all, even when they drew 3 vials of blood and gave the shots. I distracted her with a video game and she was enthralled with it instead of worrying about what the nurse was doing.

Christmas was wonderful. They didn't want to get up at first but when we finally managed to get them downstairs to see all the presents, they loved it. We also enjoyed spending time with our friends and family and they fit in beautifully. They are now eating SO much better too. I thought for a while, they might exist only on rice and bread but in the last few weeks, they've grown by leaps and bounds on trying new things and liking most of them. They both even loved the cabbage and turnip greens we had on New Year's. I was shocked since none of our bio kids will eat either :-) The doctor said Hannah gained 2 pounds and Aby gained 1 pound in just over a week between their doctor visits.

Today was Hannah's first day of school. We set out to do 2 hours but then it was lunch time, and she wanted to stay. Then it was recess and art, then PE, etc. and she just kept wanting to stay, so we did. Later in the afternoon she said, "Mommy go to store and come back." Wow! I was shocked that she gave me her blessing to leave. I "left" and waited in the hallway til they came out to go to PE. She stayed at school until 2:30 when it was rest time. We didn't have a mat for her yet so we left since she didn't have a place or blanket to rest with. I found Averey's mat from Kindergarten last year when we got home so Hannah may stay the whole day tomorrow. She did great! She definitely had some moments of fear or worry/shutdown but overcame them and we're very proud of how she did.

Aby is adjusting better too. Unfortunately she throws loud and long tantrums when things don't go her way sometimes but the episodes are getting fewer and shorter so we're making progress :-)

We appreciate your continued prayers.


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